Graduated License

Possession of a driver’s licence and the privilege of driving is a major
responsibility. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles, under the authority of the Motor Vehicle Act issues, renews and suspends driver’s licences. Every person who operates a motor vehicle in New Brunswick must demonstrate that he/she has the qualifications necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle. A valid driver’s licence for the class of vehicle being operated is a requirement of the law. You must always carry your driver’s licence when operating a vehicle and must produce it for inspection on the request of any peace officer or display it on request to any other driver with whom you may be involved in a collision.

Class 7 Graduated Licence (Level I and II)
This licence is an instructional type of licence for the driver to acquire experience, over a minimum of 24 months, before becoming a fully
licensed driver. While the holder of a graduated licence, the driver must maintain .00 blood alcohol content while driving and any breach of this
condition will result in a one year suspension, followed by a return to the beginning of the graduated licence period with no credit given for a
previously passed road test or driver training course. Suspension for loss of all points will result in at least a three month suspension followed by a return to the beginning of the graduated licence period with no credit given for a previously passed road test or driver training course.

• Applicant must be at least 16 years of age.
• Applicants under 18 years of age must have parental consent that must be witnessed by a non-relative.
• Must pass vision screening (20/40 best eye).
• Must pass written, basic and signs tests.

Level I
• Must be accompanied by only one full licensed driver who is seated in the front passenger seat.
• Can pass into Level II after 12 months or Eight (8) months if graduated from a recognized driving school and having successfully passed a road test.
Level II
• No restrictions on the number of passengers in the vehicle.
Class 7 licence is issued for four years. It is your responsibility to apply for a Class 5 Licence upon completion of a Class Graduated.

How it Operates
The point system has proven to be beneficial in many jurisdictions. In New Brunswick, it provides a graduated number of demerit points for traffic convictions of different levels of seriousness. The violator loses his/her licence when his/her total demerits demonstrate he/she is a greater danger to others on the highway. Suspension resulting from an accumulation of demerit points remains in effect for three months.

Driver Improvement Re-education
The Registrar, at any time, may require any driver to be re-examined if there is question about the driver’s physical condition or driving ability. If a re-examination is required due to a poor driving record (collisions,convictions, etc.) it will be conducted by a Driver Examiner.

Although the re-examination is basically the same as the qualifying examination, this test is designed to correct and improve any areas of the driving skills that are below set standards for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. From the results of the re-examination the Registrar will consider whatever further driver improvement action is necessary. If a medical condition appears to be contributing to an individual’s driving
problems, a medical report may be required. This medical report is reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board on driver licensing and its recommendation is provided to the Registrar. Under Section 309 of the Motor Vehicle Act, a driver may be totally retested to see if the medical reason affects the driving ability of the person.