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New Rules For Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in New Brunswick. They are 7.5 times more likely to be killed in a traffic collision than other vehicle users. The number of registered motorcycles in New Brunswick has nearly doubled in the past 12 years and on average represents 3.1% of all registered vehicles. Although motorcycles are just a small portion of vehicles on our roads, collisions involving motorcycles result 

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FAQ Motorcycle

The new motorcycle GDL program will be one stage and will last a minimum of 12 months; Those wishing to obtain their motorcycle license will be required to successfully pass an approved motorcycle driver training course before entering and successfully completing the Motorcycle GDL program. All training courses will ensure that riders are able to balance and control their desired size motorcycle as part of their curriculum;

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Motorcycle Course

We are pleased and excited to announce that Dornan Academy of Defensive Driving School is the 1st Government Approved Motorcycle Course in New Brunswick. We are now offering instructional and practical training on the safe operation of motorcycles. Our instructors come to us with over 80 years of motorcycle teaching experience and we have designed a course that is invaluable to new and experienced riders.

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